We supply structural framing & build modular housing solutions.

Fostering economic growth and innovation.

Creative and innovative construction capabilities.

As a Northern Territory, majority indigenous owned company, we engage directly with people living in remote communities to solve problems. We address a growing need to provide sustainable and cost-effective housing solutions for remote areas of the Northern Territory.

We bring to the table a unique blend of innovative solutions and quality craftsmanship, tailored specifically for the distinctive challenges of Northern Australia’s rural and remote areas. Solving key issues of overcrowding, usability and durability for remote and regional communities.

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With us, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a partner committed to enhancing the strength and sustainability of your construction projects. Together, we build not just structures, but a legacy of resilient and enduring development.

“We provide sustainable and cost-effective housing solutions tailored to the unique needs of remote communities.”

Tilman Lowe, director of Warle Construction.


We are continuously embarking on new projects and ideas, delivering positive social impacts, employment opportunities and economical growth across the Northern Territory.

Featured Project – In the spotlight

As a Darwin-based 60% owned Aboriginal construction company we understand the Northern environments and housing conditions. As such, we have created innovative housing ‘shells’, inspired by IKEA kits and manufactured using innovative Howick FRAMA™ roll-forming technology.

It is expected the project will create …

20 Jobs

Full-time employment.

$16.4 Million

Revenue in the first five years generated.

Warle news and media.

An old rusty car sits at the base of a red rocky range, in a remote landscape.

Warle Construction’s IKEA-style homes.

The 12-month Rural and Remote Housing project aims to provide cost-effective housing solutions and creates local employment opportunities, supporting local businesses and fostering economic growth.

Large cliff rocks.

Innovative housing inspired by IKEA.

It is expected the project will create 20 full-time jobs and generate up to $16.4 million in revenue within the first five years of operation.. Visit the Investment Territory website to read a recent article that discusses the Warle Housing Shell project.

We collaborate to provide cost effective, adaptable solutions.

Warle Construction is collaborating with Annge Consulting, Troppo Architects, Rapid Engineering, Stantec and Howick Group to deliver the new building system for the homes, as well as a manufacturing and training facility. Our Housing project has been awarded a $392,000 co-investment by the Northern Territory Government through its Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund (AMEF), administered by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).