Modular Housing

Warle’s Modular range offers a diverse array of design options, catering to various aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
Modular construction

Modular housing solutions for the Northern Territory.

Warle Construction will design and build bespoke modular dwellings for customers across Northern Territory.

These dwellings are a cost-effective way to cater for rural and remote environments.

Houses can be flat packed as kit homes or transported to the site completely built.

Warles’ modular system is different to those currently on the market. They are built using traditional building methods and can fully withstand cyclonic conditions. In addition, the buildings are constructed using high-strength steel, not insulated panels, and the buildings will be energy efficient and adhere to Australia’s building practices.

There is an option to build to current building codes of the Northern Territory, including Class 1a residential. The dwellings can be customised to meet a 10-star energy rating if required. Clients can select an engineered design off-the-plans, or they can design something completely custom.

The major point of difference is the level of finishes that come standard within Warles’ design. The standard finishes include floor-to-ceiling tiles, composite or hardwood decking, premium vinyl tiles, stone benchtops, and many other features. There is also a budget range for those looking for the basics or an option to go all out.

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