Culturally Appropriate Housing

Warle focuses on developing solutions that resonate with the cultural and environmental specifics of Aboriginal communities.
Culturally appropriate construction

We build culturally appropriate housing designs for communities.

Warle is working with Traditional Owner Groups to design culturally appropriate houses. This is a key area for the company as the directors understand the issues first-hand through their own lived experience.

We listen to problems and provide housing solutions.

The Northern Territory Government’s solution is to provide a standard “one size fits all” approach to remote housing.

Community members are provided with a house with limited airflow and natural light, stainless steel bathrooms and kitchens, plastic tiles and limited outdoor areas.

While we understand that a production model of the same type and colour is meant to make construction efficient and affordable, the government is currently paying upwards of 1 million dollars per house.

The largest complaint of community members is that these houses are not culturally appropriate, do not work for the way communities want to live and current setups can be dangerous in some situations.

Why we need to listen to people, on country.

Remote community houses lack adequate living spaces with overcrowding sitting at 51% in the Northern Territory, it is a very common occurrence to see people sleeping outside these houses.

An issue also being raised is violence in remote homes, especially domestic violence. Generally, there are limited exiting points, so it is very easy to corner someone in an unsafe position.

There were 10,427 victims of assault across Australia in 2022 with 48% or 5,019 victims living in a community or remote location. We know that the way housing is built remotely currently can have implications in the cultural needs of the community, which is why we prioritise the cultural needs of families and design and built homes and communities in a way that allows everyone to live harmoniously.

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