Meet the founders - A big idea starts small. Our aspiration extends to being recognised as a leading construction company, distinctly committed to addressing the unique challenges of rural and remote communities, while championing environmental sustainability and excellence in project delivery.
Lewis Knibbs - Warle Construction

Lewis Knibbs

Position: CEO

“Success demands not only strength but also resilience. Tackling these challenges won’t be easy, but the significance of the outcomes we achieve resonates with a depth that is profoundly personal and far-reaching.”

About Lewis

Leading with dynamism and insight, championing the company’s overall vision and strategy, Lewis brings 15 years’ experience working in regional and remote Aboriginal Communities.

Lewis Knibbs - Warle Construction

Tilman Lowe

Position: Commercial Manager

“Through Warle’s dedicated work, we create more than structures; we forge pathways to empowerment and progress for Aboriginal communities. Every project we undertake is a step towards nurturing their rich heritage and fostering a future where opportunity and cultural integrity flourish hand in hand.”

About Tilman

Serving as a Commercial and Development Manager at Warle Construction, Tilman’s commitment to advancing Aboriginal communities manifests in through his entrepreneurial mindset.

Lewis Knibbs - Warle Construction

Warren Fryer

Position: Project Director

“As Project Director, my passion lies in collaborating with stakeholders to design and construct not just dwellings, but homes that transcend the mere assembly of walls and trusses. I firmly believe in the fundamental right of every individual to have a safe and dignified place to live and sleep. At Warle, we’re dedicated to creating cost-effective solutions that not only meet but exceed current standards, ensuring quality and safety are accessible to all.”

About Warren

Warren has more than two decades of experience in project and construction management. He’s worked in various sectors, including commercial, retail, and mining, to environmental sustainability, water and sanitation, and emergency response.

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