We are committed to creating spaces that are not just structures, but are integral parts of lives and cultures of those who inhabit them.
Lewis Knibbs - Warle Construction

Welcome message.

Lewis Knibbs – CEO

Welcome to Warle Construction – “Warle”, an Arrernte word for “house” or “home”, encapsulates our foundational ethos.

At Warle, we are more than just a construction company; we are creators of homes and cultivators of community spirit. Our name, pronounced “Warla”, serves as a constant reminder of our commitment to creating spaces that are not just structures, but are integral parts of the lives and cultures of those who inhabit them.

A big idea starts small.

Founded in 2021, Warle is a majority Indigenous-owned and managed company, established by brothers Lewis Knibbs and Tilman Lowe. Warle’s roots are deeply embedded in the rich heritage of the Arrernte country, with the founders grandmother hailing from Yamba (Snake Well), just north of Alice Springs.

The name ‘Warle’ itself is inspired by the Arrernte word for house, building, or wall.


Warle is a majority Indigenous owned and managed company.

Representing a future growth.

The meaning is represented in the Warle logo, which represents houses on country and the beginning of future growth to rebuild our homelands. It is an opportunity to allow us to develop with the current market trends while providing opportunities for local communities.

Warle Construction logo

We intend to achieve this in two meaningful ways.

Firstly, we will aim to work with local people, communities, and Indigenous organisations to develop housing and commercial infrastructure that is culturally appropriate.

We will address the gaps left behind by previous governments’ existing housing policy failures based on our close ties with the communities.

Secondly, we offer a range of products and services and affordable prices to all Territorians. This work allows us to create jobs for mob and revenue that supports our families to flourish.

Warle prioritises employment and up-skilling of Aboriginal people. Sometimes this means that projects take longer; however, the benefits are worth it.

Modular home being installed on footings

Finding a solutions for sustainable and cost-effective housing.

Warle was conceived out of a pressing need to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions for housing in remote areas of Northern Australia.

Recognising the inadequacy of housing solutions in some communities, where families often shared crowded spaces or were forced to leave due to homelessness, the company sought to develop an innovative approach.

Getting started, discovering what works and what needs work.

We created a prototype for smaller, more affordable housing that could be quickly deployed, initially focusing on the communities of Beswick and Barunga, near the brothers’ ancestral lands in Katherine.

Our prototype has been refined and the process for deployment has been streamlined. We are confident we can listen to community members and delver a culturally appropriate, cost effective solution.

Modular home being installed on footings

Today, Warle stands as a dynamic and culturally grounded entity in the construction industry, driven by a mission to provide innovative, sustainable housing solutions, while honouring its Aboriginal roots and contributing positively to the communities it serves. The company continues to evolve, adapting to the changing landscapes of the construction sector while staying true to its core values and heritage.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Warle Construction may be a new name in the industry, but it is built on a foundation of extensive experience and proven success.

Our Directors, each having owned and operated successful businesses, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their track record includes the successful delivery of numerous projects across various sectors under separate entities.

This collective experience is now unified under Warle Construction, combining the strengths and insights gained from their diverse backgrounds to forge a company that is fresh – yet seasoned, innovative – yet reliable.

With Warle, you’re partnering with a new company that holds the wisdom and accomplishments of established industry veterans.

Why choose Warle?

Warle’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a harmonious blend of innovative construction solutions and deep cultural competencies, derived from its status as a majority Indigenous- owned company.

The essence of Warle’s USP is its exceptional ability to deliver high- quality, innovative building solutions that are not only tailored to the unique environmental challenges of Northern Australia but are also deeply respectful and understanding of the cultural nuances of the region.