Northern Territory Housing Shells Project

Discover why our latest project is planned to generate employment, deliver a positive social impact and foster economic growth for the Northern Territory.
Modular home being installed on footings.

As a Darwin-based Aboriginal construction company, Warle Construction have created innovative housing ‘shells’, inspired by IKEA kits and manufactured using innovative Howick FRAMA™ roll-forming technology.

It is expected the project will create 20 full-time employment and generate $16.4 Million in revenue in the first five years.

The project has been awarded a $392,000 co-investment by the Northern Territory Government through its Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem Fund (AMEF), administered by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

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Lewis Knibbs - Warle Construction.

Lewis Knibbs

As Managing Director of Warle Constructions, I'm committed to challenging the status quo of the rural, remote construction market, and passionate about addressing the growing need to provide sustainable and cost-effective housing solutions for remote areas.

I bring 15 years experience working in regional and remote Aboriginal Communities. I have a business degree, majoring in Economics, Finance, and Trade from the University of South Australia, and is am member of the Institute of Company Directors.